Claire Mangasarian


There Is Art For Everyone

During a lifetime of involvement in art, I have moved from painting 3x4 foot canvasses in oil with a palette knife, to printing 3x4 inch fine-line etchings from metal plates, to the study of color and book design and my final discovery of the beauty and versatility of watercolor painting.

I mainly look for inspiration and subjects for my painting in the contrasts and interplay of the elements of color, light and texture in my everyday environment and the surrounding scene. I can find inspiration almost anywhere! Once found, my goal is to understand the aspect that attracted me and then to try to find a way to capture its essence in paint.

As a decades-long resident of Wisconsin, I have but to cast my eyes in any direction to find subjects that appeal to me. My choice of subject is personal but the range of subjects that attract me is broad. For my still life paintings and landscapes, I can find inspiration in the reflected glow in a plate of oranges, the vibrant colors of a summer bouquet, the tangle of foliage in a nearby prairie, the shimmering reflections on a lake, or the graceful elegance of a willow tree.

Since, in recent years, I spend the winter months in California, my new surroundings have inspire some new subjects, including the grand expanse where the ocean meets the beach and the steep sandy cliffs on the coast. I have especially been attracted to the ubiquitous and whimsical palm trees which appear in many forms in my paintings.

Watercolor painting continues to engage me in its delightful and elusive world.

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